The Unexpected Awesomeness of the Platinum Preppy

Platinum Preppy, a great beginner fountain pen.The Platinum Preppy may be the most unexpected awesome beginner fountain pen you will ever find.  at first glance it looks like a simple pen with a clear barrel (also called a demonstrator in fountain pen circles).  However, once you start using it you will see why this little pen is one of the most recommended as a first fountain pen.


Where to start?  First, the pen is simple and solid, despite looking like it might be fragile.  I have one that I keep in my everyday use bag, and it stands up to the abuse wonderfully.

Second, writing with the Preppy is a pleasure.  Unlike many other pens in it’s class, when you take the lid off of the pen and start writing, it just works.  No need for wetting the tip or shaking it or endless scribbling on paper.  Simply take off the cap and start writing.  If you are new to fountain pens, this is a great benefit.

The reason the pen works every time is in the special cap Platinum has made for the Preppy.  Inside the top of the cap is a small is what Platinum calls its “Slip and Seal” mechanism.  This small, spring-loaded portion at the top of the cap fits perfectly over the nib of the pen when you put the cap on, which keeps the end of the pen from drying out.  This makes it possible for the pen to write the first time, every time.

Another great feature of the Preppy is the color-matching cap.  When you buy a Preppy it comes with an ink cartridge.  The color of the cap will match that ink so it’s easy to pick out the color you are wanting to use.  Also, the cartridges last quite a while, are easy to get, and come in several fun colors.

Lastly, the nib on the Preppy is great for a first time fountain pen owner.  It is smooth and reliable.  The nibs come in .2, .3, and .5mm.  This would be considered Very Fine, Fine, and Medium tips in most other pens.  I prefer the Fine.  It is not scratchy and matches my handwriting very well.


When it comes to the Preppy as a beginner fountain pen, I can’t really come up with any down sides.  It is reliable, sturdy, comfortable, fun, and inexpensive.

All-in-all, the Platinum Preppy is a magnificent beginner fountain pen.  It is easy to use, fun to use, and at less that $4 each, you can have one in every color of the rainbow.

What do you think?

Have you tried the Platinum Preppy?  If so, tell me what you think about it.

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