Lamy Safari – The Ultimate First Fountain Pen?

Is the Lamy Safari the ultimate first fountain pen?  Let’s check out the pros and cons to see.


The Safari is different from the Pilot Metropolitan in that it is a plastic pen, instead of metal.  Also, it has a very unique style.  The main body of the pen is almost square.  On opposite sides of the pen it is flat and the other two sides are curved.  This gives it a unique profile.  It also keeps the pen from rolling off your desk if you set it down without the cap on it.

The grip section is one of the most controversial parts of this pen.  It is triangle-shaped, which most people either love or hate.  I like this feature because once you grab the grip section, the nib is actually in the correct position for writing.  For many people getting their first fountain pen this can be an issue.

Along with the unique shape of the barrel, the cap and clip are very oversized and recognizable.  The clip is completely functional and will keep it clipped securely to just about anything.

Also, there is a small window in the barrel that allows you to see how much ink is left.  This comes in very handy and makes it easy to know when to ink up again.

Lastly, the Safari comes in a huge variety of colors.  You can get it in red, blue, purple, green, white, black, etc.  The color choices are huge!!


One of the most important features for a first fountain pen is that it is easy to use.  You don’t want to have to worry about whether or not the pen will write immediately or fuss with changing the ink.

Fortunately, the Safari excels in both of these areas.  I use my Safari almost every day and it always starts writing immediately.  It uses what is known as an “international standard cartridge”.  These cartridges are easy to find and come in a rainbow of colors.  This makes it easy to switch inks whenever you want.  Simply flush the pen with a little water and put in a new cartridge and start writing.  This is great for a beginner fountain pen.

Also, the Safari holds up very well to being carried around as part of your daily carry.  I clip it to the pocket in my bag to and from work every day.  I’ve never had a leak or any other problem.


While there aren’t many cons to the Safari as a first fountain pen.  However, as I mentioned earlier, the triangle-shaped grip can be a problem for some people.

Also, the nibs on the Safari tend to run a little wide.  If you like fine lines,you will definitely want to look into getting the fine or extra fine nib.

The nibs on Safaris can be a little rough.  This has not been my experience, but it is a somewhat common complaint.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for your first fountain pen it is hard to beat the Lamy Safari.  It is sturdy, reliable, and stylish.  You can depend on it and be proud of it as part of your daily carry, and at around $24, it is easy on the pocket book.

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